The long awaited rain arrived at the start of May and as a result there has been reasonable fishing along the river. The general view is that the run is much lighter than the previous 2 seasons and the fish that are entering the system seem to be running hard to the upper reaches.
Brian Hennessey from Waterford wass back on the Slaney in Co. Wexford again last week.  His tally is growing with a 20 lb. fish last Tuesday, followed by an even bigger fish of 24 lb. on Thursday. He had started the week with a 10lb salmon on the Monday!  Brian’s amazing feat in landing two 20 lb.+ salmon and returning both fish wins our Catch of the Week.

Brian Hennessey 20lb Slaney salmon
Brian Hennessey 20lb Slaney salmon

Circa 24lbs for Brian stake hole..clonker!!
Circa 24lbs for Brian stake hole..clonker!!

Incredibly this is Brian’s fourth big fish off the river this Spring, landing 3 others around the 20 lbs mark.
Another big fish was landed the day after Brian’s by Tom Tynan of 38″, which was estimated at 20 lbs. For most anglers though the fishing has been hit and miss, some have been lucky to meet one or two fish during a day but others reported touching or seeing zilch. Small pods of fish are entering the river but it’s just luck if they are there when your fly is in the water. Paddy Donegan had a few fish from Kilbride over the past month.
Visiting angler from the UK, Nigel Teague had this 12 pounder from Clohamon last Sunday
Visiting angler from the UK, Nigel Teague had this 12 pounder from Clohamon last Sunday. A similar fish was caught and released from the same fishery the day before.

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Brian Hennessey's 10lb Monday last week
Brian Hennessey’s 10lb Monday last week