Ecologist Carl Dixon tells Ellie O’Byrne how an article he wrote for this newspaper inspired him to make a documentary about a female angler that is enchanting audiences in the US and Europe
A BLACKBIRD singing, the swish of a line being cast, the gentle burbling of a river, and the distinctive ‘plop’ of trout feeding; these are the joys of an evening’s fly fishing.
The lush imagery and mellow pace of Unwinding, Corkman Carl Dixon’s microbudget fly-fishing film, are winning over selection panels at international film festivals.
The five-minute documentary, shot on a budget of €800, features former world champion fly fisherwoman, Glenda Powell, angling on the river Blackwater, near Fermoy, and talking about her life and her love of fishing….
Irish Examiner  01/04/2015 Read the article ‘Corkman’s documentary on angling is casting out to film festivals worldwide