Fishery Manager, David McEvoy reports from Delphi as they prepare for their salmon season:
Well we’re nearing that time of the year again when those of us who have a passion for both shooting and fishing are coming to the end of our shooting season and getting ready to activate those casting muscles which for most of us have now been redundant for a couple of months. Saturday will see the end of the shooting season and Sunday will herald the start of the 2015 salmon fishing season.
As my heading suggests we have an enthusiastic group of Bavarians who are going to finish off the shooting season here and try their luck on the 1st for a fresh Springer. Hopefully they may be lucky on the fishing front as it would be fantastic to open the season with a fresh fish.

Finlough arial photo
Finlough arial photo

February is not for the faint hearted but personally I love it as there is something special about getting on the water again, always anticipating and hoping for that long slow draw on the line that one would normally associate with a springer as opposed to the aggressive take of a kelt and then it normally comes to the surface and you know it’s not the real thing. For me early spring fishing is about peace and tranquillity and feeling good to be alive and out on the water again. Having said that I’m sure that many people must think that salmon fishermen are off their heads to be fishing in what sometimes can only be described as vile weather conditions.
We have a good amount of availability in February for those of you who need to get their fix of getting out on the water again, so please feel free to contact us and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.
For ourselves here January is a very busy time as quite a lot of things come together. Shooting has been busy, but most time is taken up in the hatchery, tagging and fin clipping our smolts and then eggs start to eye up and reach the stage where they must be shocked and counted. It can be a slow, cold and painstaking job but one that has to be done!
Well I better get back to my eggs and hopefully see or hear from you all shortly!
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At Delphi Lodge, with many years of experience with the timing of the best runs of fish, we have in place a price system that offers both great value fishing and lets our anglers know when they have the best chance to catch a fresh run spring salmon or a summer grilse or Delphi sea trout.
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