Every angler knows the importance of patience and perseverance. We all have stories of the magic that can occur on your last cast. And so it was for French pike guide, Pierre Monjarret on Lough Derg at the weekend…

A fine Lough Derg ‘Catch of the Week ‘pike for Pierre who’s taking no chances in his floatation suit

Pierre was on on a very blustery Saturday afternoon and with the last of the light leaving the sky, last cast magic wove its wonderful spell. “Pike fishing never give up!! Last cast of the day and Bam! Pig shad blue flex head 20 gr”, as Pierre put it.

Go Fishing…


Pierre Monjarret moved to Ireland in 2007 to pursue his dream as a guide and began working with Jean-Louis Bigot (pecheirlande.com) on the glorious Lough Derg. It is now 7 years since he cast his first line on Lough Derg. Throughout that time his passion for this lake has never faded, always something new to learn, new techniques to develop and challenges that remind you why you love catching big fish!
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