Angler Roly Byrne takes to fishing as he takes to parenting, with common sense and delivering a great outcome.  When his young son badgers him to head down to the Barrow, Roly packed lures and a selection of deadbaits basically everything but the kitchen sink !.
Learning first hand from a Dad is probably one of the most enjoyable aspects of childhood and it’s days like these that adults look back on.  With these  memories they can in turn pass on the skill to their children.
Check out how Roly’s day on the Barrow went on ‘Father and Son

A Barrow 20+

Roly Byrne - Feb pike for son
Young Master Byrne with a 20+lb plus pike from the River Barrow is our ‘Catch of the Week’ winner

Roly Byrne, 
Barrow Piker