Eddie Long PRO from Naas and District Anglers reports on their Winter League Round 2:
Round 2 took place on Daingean canal last Sunday 13th December. Everyone met up for breakfast in the Castle Barna golf club. Padraig held the peg draw at 9 o clock and as I was running late Enda Hickey drew my peg for me. Enda drew like DaVinci netting me the skimmer end peg on Millennium bridge. Result, or so I thought.
Everyone set off to their pegs on the Millennium bridge and bumpy road stretches and got their gear ready for the start of the match. The all in was called at 11am but conditions were by no means easy. There was quite a flow on the canal but worse than that there was a bed of weed from the edge going out to about the 6 meter mark making shipping rigs out troublesome. Many a rig was tangled and many a fish lost in this weed and the odd top kit was flung in the ditch out of pure frustration 😉.

Thumbs up for Naas & District anglers...
Thumbs up for Naas & District anglers…

My “skimmer peg” produced nothing of the sort. I fished swims at 13 meters 10 o’clock and 2 o clock and also at 8 meters. Potted in a small ball of groundbait on each swim and used a kinder pot to introduce about 5 pinkies at a time. I held the bait static to try and nab a skimmer or two which wasn’t easy because of the flow but this method didn’t bare fruit for me so I tried floating through the peg and still no joy. I tried various hook baits, pinkies, maggots and chopped worm and all to no avail.

Anyway results

Millennium bridge
Section A
Joint 1st Chris Moore 0.65kgs
2nd Rob Kavanagh 0.65kgs
Section B
1st Lukasz Cizla 0.6kgs
2nd Peter Walsh 0.45kgs
Bumpy road
Section A
1st Padraig O Riordan 1.45kgs
2nd Alan Doyle 0.55kgs
Section B
1st Jonathan Kenny 1.7kgs
2nd Fergal Scullier 0.55kgs
The fishing was very tough but as always the craic was mighty. After the match we all headed back to the golf club for a lovely dinner.
Naas & District Anglers - Winter League round 2 results
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