Paul Waghorne reports that there was was really good tench fishing over the weekend at Lanesborough and that the fishing continued to impress this morning…

The first of many? Tim Collyer with a 4lbs 4oz Male. Photo courtesy of Michael Galvin
The first of many? Tim Collyer with a 4lbs 4oz Male. Photo courtesy of Michael Galvin

Saturday, 07 May: A damp start to the morning saw no extra visitors to the stretch but the good news is that a solitary Tench was landed by Tim Collyer at dusk. Rain for most of the day led me to not go fishing at all, I left that to the diehards who endured some pretty wet weather out there. Steve and Josh caught lots of smallish fish on the gusher with some bigger bonus Perch, two of which went well over a pound. The bridge area proved extremely difficult as Greg Matthews found to his cost. Another Tench was caught by Larry Kelly and tonight, we may well see some more?

Sunday, 08 May: William and Kevin arrived on Friday evening and out of respect for the amount of bait they put in, I haven’t reported their catch until they packed up. They had a combined haul of eleven tincas to 5lbs 9oz.

William Dean with 5 of the combined total with Kevin of 11 Tench
William Dean with 5 of the 11 Tench caught with Kevin

Jason and (Peter?) left earlier and had a good overnight session, with most of their nine Tench coming just before Dawn. Another group of anglers arrived and caught a 3lbs 10oz male whilst float fishing.

On the cut Karl and his friends had a wet frustrating stint on the top end of the 300 yard stretch. Despite piling in the ground bait the Bream failed to materialise but had some Hybrids to 3lbs for their efforts.

Paul was out himself on Sunday night after pre-baiting his swim…   On my first cast and after less than three minutes, I hooked and landed my first Shannon Tench for a long time. It was barely a pound and a half, but a lovely little lady she was!

Paul assures us he was smiling just before the timer finally took the photo…

Monday. 09 May: Up at stupid o’clock when no one except idiots are about (although I didn’t see any) so I had the bank to myself with the intent of a tinca or two. It was hard going with not a bite for well over an hour then two fish in quick succession. First a male of 4lb 2oz followed by a grand old lady of 6lb 4oz which is my second best Irish Tench. At 8am, despite failing to get another nibble, I packed up and still saw no other anglers.

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Due to the biosecurity risks posed by the Asian Clam populations anglers can only use the specially provided keep-nets, available both sides of the bridge – from the Daybreak Filling Station, Ballyleague and Bridie Holmes Fishing Tackle Shop, Lanesborough.