The final leg of Royal Enfield CAC’s Seamus Mooney Memorial winter League was held on the Royal Canal at Longwood on Sunday. The match today was won by Harold Pattison with 5lb. In 2nd Place was Pat Bartley with 3lb 13ozs and taking 3rd was Jack Langan with 2lb 13ozs.

Jack Langan
Jack Langan won the Winter League with a perfect score.

The League was won overall by Jack Langan and he was presented with the Seamus Mooney Memorial Trophy. Jack had a perfect 4 points. 2nd was Matt Kemmy with 8 points, 3rd was Pat Bartley with 9 points. 4th was Colin Oliver with 12 points. Finishing out the top 5 was Pat Gill with 14 points.

Well done to Jack Langan who fished a great league and is now the proud holder of the Seamus Mooney Memorial Trophy. The Leinster anglers would like to thank Brian and Ambrose for a well run league, Mary & Mark for the results and buns.

Congratulations to all who participated and best wishes as we move into the Christmas period.

Next up is the Leinster Fur & Feather on Sunday 11th December. Draw is set for 9am at the Golf Club. Fishing from 11 to 3pm followed by a presentation of prizes over Christmas Dinner at the Gold Club.

Report and photos courtesy of Royal Enfield Angling Club

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