Eddie Long, NADA PRO, reports on the 2nd round of their Summer League at Derry lough and Coorstown on June 12th…

2nd round of our summer league on Derry lough and Coorstown in Co.Louth
2nd round of the NADA summer league was fished on Derry lough and Coorstown in Co.Louth

Seventeen anglers met up in Drumconrath for the match draw at 9am and we had a fiver a head pools draw with the winner of each lake sharing the spoils. The weather was quite clammy and overcast and on arrival at Derry lough the water was heavily coloured so it looked quite promising for a fish or two. The all in was set for 12pm so we had loads for time for hauling our gear to our pegs and some of us have way too much gear.

I began fishing my peg in Derry’s at 11.5m top 4 deep hoping for some bream or tench but after an hour and a half of not exactly bagging I decided to fish in close after seeing what I thought were tench bubbles. I had a mix of World cup and attractive gross gardons kindly donated by a scouse friend which after a bit of rain had become nice soft consistency perfect for nuggets. For the remainder of the match I fished in close, top 4 with a .2g Rive float strung out pattern and added a small nugget each cast with a pinch of pinkies. I was getting a fish a chuck but the stamp was very, very small and I made a rookie error by not shallowing up my rig and I’m sure due to that I missed out on quickening up my catch rate. Either way with the stamp of fish I had I wouldn’t have been in the running but I possibly could have gotten some much needed league points but you live and learn don’t ya.

A couple of better fish, but many were pretty small
A couple of better fish, but many were pretty small

 I called the all out at 5pm and the weigh in was soon under way. Neil Keane set the weight to beat on peg 3 with a lovely net of fish just under 7kg and there were quite good nets of fish further down the bank but none could come close to the Palmerston polemaster.

Coorstown hadn’t produced weights as good as Derry’s but nobody blanked and we all had a great days fishing. Many thanks to the Meath hill Angling club for allowing us to host our match on their club lakes, beautiful venues and I can’t wait to go back again.



Section 1
  • 1st Neil Keane 6.875kg
  • 2nd Marius Matuza 4.225kg
Section 2
  • 1st Chris Moore 4.825kg
  • 2nd Andrius Simbelis 3.100kg


Section 1
  • 1st Kevin Johnson 3.700kg
  • 2nd Aussie Conway 2.350kg
Section 2
  • 1st Paul McLoughlin 2.850kg
  • 2ndGrazvydas Karalius 1.225kg

Well done to Neil Keane and Kevin Johnson who shared the pools, great fishing lads!!!

That’s it, see you all for round 3

Eddie Long
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NADA wrong with that catch...
NADA wrong with that catch…