Glenmore River Fishery Manager Jarlath Winters keeps us up to date with all the news from the Glenmore River Finn in Donegal:

Well with Cabin fever setting in and the season well over we’re already looking forward to chasing the springers in 2017. Thought I’d wet your appetites with a few photos from last year!

The corner pool...
The corner pool…
Another release...
Another release…

Again anyone interested in fishing Glenmore next year feel free to phone me at any time.
For those partners looking a present for Christmas I’ll be happy to provide gift vouchers for beat days or season tickets.

Signs of Activity !
Signs of Activity !

If you do come up to see the redds try not to disturb or interfere with this natural event. Keep a good distance and don’t be walking on beds were fish are active.

Go Fishing…

Jarlath Winters,

Donegal’s Glenmore Rivers Estate

Phone: 353(0)868133869 or email [email protected]

Few Irish sporting estates can rightly assert to be World-class but for one it is a fully justified claim, County Donegal’s Glenmore Rivers Estate. Unique in the quality of the game angling, deer stalking and rough shooting it offers, Glenmore goes a step further and into a league of its own.

In excess of sixty kilometres of pristine estate-run rivers teem with salmon and trout while the 24,000 acres (10,000 hectares) of shooting ground is home to herds of Red deer. Throughout the winter the hillsides and bogs provide unrivalled woodcock and snipe shooting; the numerous lakes give opportunities for outstanding duck shooting and trout fishing.