The Economic and Social Research Institute ESRI ( is undertaking research on the socio-economics of inland fisheries within Ireland, with the objective of providing evidence that will support policy decisions regarding the management of fisheries resources and angling within Ireland. As part of that work they are currently establishing an angler survey panel.  Members of the angler panel will be invited to participate in occasional short surveys to elicit their views on various topics.

The ESRI’s research programme on the socio-economics of inland fisheries is financially supported by Inland Fisheries Ireland.  The data and information collected will only be used for research purposes by the ESRI and will not be shared with Inland Fisheries Ireland or other organisations and will only be accessible to the researchers undertaking the analysis  strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Acts, 1988 & 2003.  Only research reports and papers, which contain aggregated summary analysis, will be provided to policy decision-makers, including Inland Fisheries Ireland.  The ESRI will make its research papers publically available for free from its website.

To become a member of the panel please sign-up on the ESRI’s website (It should take less than 1 minute)

John Curtis is the ESRI person leading the research programme and may be contacted at [email protected] if you’d like further information about the angler panel or the research programme.