Over 500 Dublin kids take part in youth fishing initiative in 2016  

Over 500 children and young people from the Greater Dublin Area have taken up fishing in 2016. Inland Fisheries Ireland’s Dublin Angling Initiative, which aims to promote, develop and improve angling in the Dublin area, has seen significant demand for its services during the year.

Young people from the areas of Darndale, Jobstown, Mulhuddart, Whitechurch as well as inner city youth projects took part in this year’s programme which saw them take fishing lessons, participate in fishing trips and competitions, visit Naval ships and enjoy family fishing days. Environmental talks and lessons were also held with many national and secondary schools, summer project and youth services taking part in the programme during the summer months.

The Dublin Angling Initiative caters for anyone interested in angling, from the complete novice to the more advanced angler with exposure given to each of the different types of fishing. Fishing presentations and tours provide an insight into fish, their habitat, conservation measures and education regarding local fishing areas. Inland Fisheries Ireland’s Dublin Angling Initiative has seen thousands of young people participate in the programme since its inception over 20 years ago. The initiative has been a catalyst to the founding of many fishing clubs by these young people.

Brian Beckett, Inland Fisheries Ireland Director of the Eastern River Basin District said: “We’re delighted to see so many young people picking up a fishing rod for the first time and returning to it over the summer months. Fishing is a hobby that can be enjoyed at any age or ability, in urban and rural settings and it has a wealth of health and well-being benefits associated with it. We have seen significant demand and participation in the programme this year in Dublin and we hope to see that trend continue.”

Ciaran Byrne, CEO of Inland Fisheries Ireland said: “Ireland has some of the best wild fisheries in Europe and offers a unique destination for domestic and visiting anglers alike. It is only fitting that we introduce our young people to this fisheries resource and show them its value from a personal recreational viewpoint and as something which brings huge economic worth to this country. As part of the Dublin Angling Initiative, we also build awareness and understanding of the importance of protection and conservation of the resource. We hope that these young people will bring this appreciation of the resource with them into later life.”

Inland Fisheries Ireland’s Dublin Angling Initiative welcomes enquiries from all groups or individuals interested in its programmes and services. For further information, visit www.fisheriesireland.ie.