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09/03/16 The wind  was in the Northeast,  but my Noble Anglers didn’t have a feast as they looked down at the waters edge at end of their day all they could  only say to themselves, my Noble Salmon have won the day.

Eric with his 8 lbs. Salmon
Eric with his 8 lbs. Salmon

10/03/16 Straight to the action, On Lough Currane today there was only one angler who had the Trump Card in the Salmon department and that goes to Local Gillie Mr. Eric Jouen of Waterville Boats and at [email protected] and for good reason, he caught a fine 8 lbs. Salmon on the troll between the Grassy and Church Island and staying with Waterville Boats not be out Trumped, Eric’s Father-in-law and Commander-in-chief of Waterville Boats Mr. Michael O’Sullivan caught a fine 4lbs. Brown Trout on the troll. I must thank Eric’s good Wife, Ursula for taking the photos and sending them to me and Ursula can have the last say on today’s catch, a nice double for Waterville Boats!

Michael with his fine 4 lbs. Brown Trout.
Michael with his fine 4 lbs. Brown Trout.

News on the upper Lakes, you upper Lakes enthusiast I believe There is 1 boat on Derriana and 1 boat on Lough Namona, for information and booking, contact Mrs. Ann Curran Mace Store Waterville on 006 9474253
Wind flat calm and overcast.

First Salmon caught on the fly Mr. Mark Knowles. Mark, Dominic, Bob, Mr. Michael Healy-Rae TD
First Salmon caught on the fly Mr. Mark Knowles. Mark, Dominic, Bob, Mr. Michael Healy-Rae TD

 11/03/16  The Ice was melted in the fly department today by Mr. Mark Knowles of UK, Mark caught the first Salmon on the fly in the 10 lbs. class, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of and the action didn’t stop there, in the trolling department Local Gillie Mr. Bob Priestley caught a fine Salmon in the 9 lbs. class. This evening My Noble Anglers headed for the Lobster Bar and while they were celebrating fine catches, who should walk in but the one and only Mr. Michael Healy-Rae TD and it wasn’t long before he was asked to be in on the act and fair play to Michael he agreed and I’m glad he did because it’s the first time that I know of  that a Top politician that’s been photographed with the first Salmon caught on the Fly from the Waterville Fishery. Wind SW light to fresh and overcast.

Tam's Specimen
Tam’s Specimen

12/03/16 Great news for Lough Currane and for Local angler Mr. Anulal Hitmiang or as we call him Tam of  and for good reason, Tam caught the first specimen Sea Trout of 2016 on the troll, his fine fish weighed in at 9.25 lbs. Tam was telling me that he had a great fight and one he won’t forget for a long time and he can say without any fear of contradiction he is a full member of the Specimen Club. On the Salmon front all quiet on the SW front after yesterday’s excitement. Wind SW light to fresh with good cloud cover. On a personal note I would like to thank Mrs. Ursula Jouen of Waterville Boats and at [email protected] for sending some cracking photos.

13/03/16 Lough Currane was on the quiet side after the last of couple of days mighty action. In defence of my Noble Anglers you could say that the 13th  is unlucky for some, well today all anglers must unlucky ! because they all failed miserably in their duties in all departments. Wind SE light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover.

Kevin O' Shea at the Butler's Pool - 8lb salmon
Kevin O’ Shea at the Butler’s Pool – 8lb salmon

14/03/16 Breaking news it turns out that the 13th  is lucky for some, yesterday on the World famous Butler Pool and at local Angler and no stranger to the Butler Pool, Mr. Kevin O’Shea caught a fine 8 lbs. Salmon on the fly. Just for the record the photo was taken by  Now back to the present. There were four boats fishing on the North side and no reports of any rod benders. Wind SE light to fresh with bright sunshine all day.

David and Terence
David and Terence

15/03/16 As People of Ireland were celebrating their independence, My Noble Salmon gave into the French Resistance, but not without a Battle, as Local Gillie Mr. Eric Jouen of Waterville Boats and at [email protected] caught a fine 7 lbs. Salmon on the troll as you can see by the fine photo take by his good Wife Mrs. Ursula Jouen. Staying in the Trolling department and the celebrations’ The Irish Tri colour was flying high this afternoon, as Irish Angler Mr. David Barry from Limerick, caught a cracker of a Salmon in the 10 lbs. Class on the troll, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Jnr. Just for the record you can contact Terence Wharton on 353 (0) 872100064 Wind SE light to fresh with good cloud cover.



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