There wasn’t a notable increase in the number of anglers fishing the Moy system over the past week, with just 74 salmon reported which brings the total catch for the year to date to 5,290 salmon.

The Ridge Pool only produced 2 grilse for the week: one for Michael Bothwell, Northern Ireland on spinner and one for flyangler Tom Noonan from Tipperary.

Michael English, UK, was successful fishing the Mt. Falcon water catching 3 fish on fly, while Mark Salmon, Dublin, had two on spinner on East Mayo. Also on East Mayo, Brian White, Dublin, had a 4 lbs. grilse on fly.

It is hoped the fresher, wetter weather will see things liven up a little in the next few days so that anglers can look forward to a successful last month of this year’s salmon season on the Moy.