Billy Downes reports that as of Monday 16th May water levels are at 1m at the Laune Bridge, beautiful conditions for all methods.  Thomas ward landed a bar of silver from Beat 3 this morning. A lovely fin perfect fish, straight from the tide.

salmon laune
Thomas Ward truck silver on Monday morning

With the commercial nets now in operation best days for a fish are probably Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  But its always possible to meet one any day.  A few fish are being encountered each week and a lot of nice sea trout are being caught on all methods. 

 As I always say if you get the timing right there is a always a chance of a fish and a fish in double figures possibly.  A good sea trout should also be in prospect, most likely spinning or worm but some have also been caught on fly already.

Beat 3:

A few salmon have been caught on Beat 3 already and Thomasz Ekert reports excellent brown trout fishing as a by-catch to his efforts at catching a salmon.  Last week he caught more than 30 brown trout and one sea trout. The biggest brown trout of 45 cm he lost a brown trout approx. 60 cm.  Please note that the €10 trout permit allows an angler to fish for brown trout ‘fly only’ If you want to spin or worm fish you need to purchase a €25 permit.


For further up to date information look up:   ‘Water Level’

Billy Downes,  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

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Day permits are the same as last year €25 to the end of July and €35 for the months of August and September. Be sure to display your permit on the dash of your car with the date and permit number visible and have the other part with you because you will be asked by members to identify yourself as a legitimate ‘One Day Member’ / Permit Holder.

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