Luke Aston of the Clare Dragoon and Sean Maguire of Lady Gwen have been out enjoying the beautiful weather off the Clare coast where the fishing has not been too bad either…

A handy ling on Lady Gwen

27 May: What a fantastic day, the sea was dead calm and we had a curious minke whale with us for ages, but I didn’t get a very good photo. – Lady Gwen

Reeling in this string of fish was a challenge!

28 May: What fantastic weather we are getting. Sea and sky are blue and clear. So easy to fish but of course flat light makes for harder fishing conditions. Still plenty about and now a nice mix of species coming onto the ground.  – Clare Dragoon

Another cracker of a day with some nice fishing. It took a bit more effort to catch fish today but very enjoyable. – Lady Gwen

A double shot of ling on the Clare Dragoon

29 May: Another lovely summers day on the sea and we worked our way about 11 miles west where we got into some lovely fishing with plenty good eating Ling, Pollack, Haddock, Whiting and some Spur Dogs. – Clare Dragoon

We are starting to get used to this weather and long may it last. Plenty of fish about but a bit slow on the take, a good day overall.  – Lady Gwen

Scorpion fish
A Scorpion fish – not often caught on the charter fishing grounds

30 May: The day started with a better sign of mackerel at the loop but still very scarce. We then fished our way north and had some good fun on the inside reefs. One of the lads caught the biggest Scorpion Fish I’ve seen. – Clare Dragoon

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