Kayak angling maestro and blogger Graham Smith waits patiently for the tope as the weather dictates he stay close to shore.  He tells us:

Since the weather was too dodgey to heading too far from shore in search of tope I headed to a local in shore mark.
I was hoping pollock and wrasse but fishing the ebb tide it was never going to be a bumper session.
I had some nice fresh rag with me and the usual assortment of feathers and some new soft lures from http://www.fish-dynamix.co.uk/ . They’re that new they don’t have a name or packaging lol.
Graham Smith - May 2016 1I am as bad as most anglers always looking to try something new so it will be interesting the try the whole range out over the summer.
I got on my Pollack mark, But today there was an unsual amount of coalies on the mark. Lots of them hitting the feathers when I was looking for mackerel.
Great to see a hard fishing fish about but a bugger when your after Pollack or mackerel.
Graham Smith - May 2016 2So the feathers I use for early mackerel is the bleeding glow worm rig. Always a killer for early mackerel and herring. But it was a waste of time with the coalies around. So it was on to rag on a flowing trace or soft lure.
By now the lovely sunny day had turned to over cast and quiet breezy. But I was alright sitting aound the head land out of the breeze.
As the tide was running very fast I decided to anchor and tried the new lure with a 1.5oz lead head. I fished it for 30 mins with not so much as a tap.
So it was onto the rag, but as the breeze was getting up all the time I didn’t route out a boom I just run a line from above the jig head and use it as a weight as it was an ideal weight.
So rag down and fished very slow and deep and as expected on my second cast and retrieve I got the bump bump and take of a lively little pollack. I was sure he took the rag but no he took the new lure fished dead slow and deep.
Which surprised me, it did have a rub of the smelt wand on it too so that may have encouraged the take when fished so slow, I’m not sure yet.

Graham Smith - May 2016 3No beast by any means but it was encouraging to see him on the lure when there was a nice rag worm behind it.

Another couple of casts later and another classic pollack take with a much feistier fish this time and nearly up and another burst of life and a tustle and up came 2 pollack one on the rag and one on the lure.

The better fish was on the new lure, with a little one on the rag. Seems the better fish took the lure before the rag again. May be coincidence but some more testing in the future will give a better picture of how the new lure is working. I have a right few to try out so its going to be fun trying the them all.


Graham Smith - May 2016 4By now the wind was kicking up rightly and it would soon be time for home. I had to try the wrasse before I went home so I whacked some rag on the glow worm rig and let that sit while spun for pollock.

It was down only a short while when I had my first wrasse.

Another 20 minutes passed and I hadn’t another bite from pollock or wrasse and as the wind was howling by now it was a pain fishing at anchor. So lines up and in I went. It was a tough paddle in and I was glad I didn’t go out to the tope or I would have had a nasty run in for sure.
Graham Smith - May 2016 5Mind you when I got back on the shore the wind was totally missing the beach. Typical. I should have went after the seatrout.
But sure I had edible size pollock for the dinner and got at least one new lure tried out so it was a good run out despite the weather.
Until next time tight lines.

Graham Smith

Web: www.donegalkayaker.blogspot.ie

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