Peter Aspinwall’s prediction of good bassing in the Clonakilty area is holding true…

Dominic Henderson's 74cm bass
Dominic Henderson’s 74cm bass

06 Sep: Super fish for Dominic Henderson today. 74cm and getting close to a double figure fish. Quality seems to be replacing quantity with four to the boat this morning.

Ray Martin had 9 bass over 2 tides and a few inches of rain
Ray Martin had 9 bass over 2 tides and a few inches of rain

05 Sep: There are good sides and bad sides about everyone. Ray Martin’s bad side is every time I fish with him, the heavens open up and we get drenched to the skin. However, he does have two good sides. One is he is about the soundest blokes you are ever likely to meet and number two is those big bass don’t half love him! Managed to land nine over two tides. Getting tougher.

Dave Blackmore
Dave Blackmore

02 Sep: Great morning out on the boat with my old mucker Dave Blackmore. Managed to sneak five out between us in between “Chinwags”! Good catching up with you mate.

Jennifer Lee with her first bass
Jennifer Lee with her first bass

01 Sep: A few fish again today. The strong wind made it challenging at times but still managed seven. Jennifer Lee is delighted with her first bass. May it be the first of many. Well done Jen!

Izaak Bradley
Izaak Bradley and Ryan Hastings had 7 bass
 31 Aug: Izaak Bradley with one of the seven caught to the boat today accompanied by Ryan Hastings. Well done fellas! Andrea Gallagher had 3 on the 25th and Jack Zagar had 5 on IMA Skimmers the day before.
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