Declan Gibbon reports that fishing on Corrib  in the week gone by has been quite productive. Those anglers that did best fished with Sedges, which are dominant hatch of fly at this time, and some excellent catches were made…

James Burns NI
James Burns NI


Starting on the Lower Corrib angler Harold O’Toole from the Commercial Boat Club enjoyed an excellent day’s fishing in the Hurney’s area, landing four fish on dry sedges and mayflies with the best fish being 3lbs.

In the Oughterard area, John Kelly, Oughterard, and Albert Long, Clifden,  had two cracking trout for 7.5lbs on mayfly on Thursday last, his the best fish being 4lbs.

Also in the Oughterard area Basil Shields from Ardnsillagh Lodge (091-552550) reports of Steve Sutton from Dublin catching two fish on Sunday with the best fish being fish 1.25lbs. Michael Gallagher had two fish also. One fish was an estimated 2.25lbs at 44cm which he sportingly released. Declan Keogh, Dublin, had two fish for his trip to Lough Corrib. Both fish were around the pound and a half mark. Basil also informs us that Sedges are the predominant hatch of fly life at the moment with hatches of Mayfly and Olives tapering off.

Also in the Oughterard area Kevin Molloy (087-9604170) reports of slower angling activity in the area. Kevin himself fished on Wednesday last with three trout on wet fly. The best of them was 2.5lbs. On Friday he had three fish to 1.5lbs trolling.

In the Cornamona area on Wednesday John Somerville enjoyed an excellent evening’s fishing in the Inchagoill area on wet mayflies. He landed five trout over thirteen inches, released four, and met as many more.

Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn – 4lb 4oz

At Corrib View Lodge, Glencorrib, Larry McCarthy reports of another good week experienced by anglers staying there with some notable catches on dry and wet fly. On Monday last Anthony Quinn, boated by Frank Reilly, had a personal best of 4lbs 4ozs on a small size 16 dry sedge which he sportingly released while Frank managed to land four fish of a 2lbs average. Larry,  boating a couple from Andorra,  had good fishing on Monday and Tuesday on the lower lake on dry olives and caught fish up to 2lbs. A group of six anglers from Northern Ireland had great sport on Friday and Saturday. The highlight was on Saturday when James Burns and his Father landed six fish between 2 and 3lbs in the Inishanboe area while being guided by Larry.

Anthony Quinn Releasing a trout
Anthony Quinn releasing his biggest trout

On Tuesday last in the Inchiquin area Vincent Hughes From The Neale and Mark Gibbons from Cong were dapping and had a fish each of 2.5lbs and 1.5lbs and on Thursday last. Also fishing were Vincent’s brother Mattie and a Friend and they had one fish  each for their endeavours.