Monday was a day of action and one to remember for angler Stephen O’Brien . He set off about 11am on a glorious day. It was between 16 and 18 degrees out and very bright.  Stephen tells us:
“I was using a fence for cover while I was lobbing pieces of bread to a nice calm area, the tide was slowly creeping in also! There were lots of swans and ducks about so I wasn’t putting too much out at a time so I wasn’t ground baiting just offering it to them, then I would cast my fly in the middle and sight fish from then on.

A super 26inch (66cm) mullet caught by Stephen O'Brien
A super 26inch (66cm) mullet caught by Stephen O’Brien wins our ‘Catch of the Week’

After about 30 minutes I had my fist hook up but he spat it out after 5 seconds. I could see them sucking it in with the polaroids. This gave me high hopes. So about an hour after that frustration I saw a big wake moving in.   So I then threw a handful of bread crumbs and cast my fly, watching them suck it in to their mouths, which is usually a sign of bigger fish .
So my fly came and it disappeared into this fish’s mouth. I struck hard and he was off like a bullet !   The first run brought me into the backing, as I controlled him I realised I needed to jump over a fence to get close to landing him. It was only myself and my friend Chris fishing that day and he was about 300 yards up the road fishing, so I took out my mobile and called for help.  He came and took my net from my car and we landed him,(quick celebration),  after about 15 minutes fighting him with my 6lb flurocarbon.”
A fantastic fish measuring 26inches (66cms) and estimated to weigh about 8.8lbs with a wide back.
Stephen O'Brien - Cork harbour 26 inch mullet 1