Stefan Martin from Killybegs Mariners SAC reports on the fishing around Donegal Bay which is continuing to provide…

Black sole
Black sole

11 May: It just gets better for our species hunter Christopher catching a lovely black sole today from the shore on Donegal Bay. A great capture and release for the happy angler great stuff.

Blonde Ray

13 May: An amazing few hours fishing Donegal Bay sand banks for Mariners members out with Killybegs Fishing Trips catching all sorts of species and some fantastic big Turbot doubling over the light tackle during the enjoyable trip.


A rare whirlpool on our starboard side was occurring and then exploded with splashes as the mackerel attacked whatever was making the whirlpool like a sink emptying out, we steamed over and cast in some feathers and caught fresh mackerel and noticed a pink cloud in the spinning water, it was a cloud of Krill that the mackerel were balling up. Big Basking Shark fins lazed around the surface further out. Slow drifts over the banks landed some nice thornabck rays and spotted rays and dabs and dogs and big turbot non stop action and even picking up wrasse and pollack and ling over the edges, just another great adventure on the bay a really enjoyable trip watching all bursting into life again.

This is Donegal Bay...
This is fishing…

16 May: An array of species the last few days including a huge Conger for Gavin well over 30lbs estimated before it was released and some nice turbot and black sole and rocklings and dabs and corkwing wrasse and ballan wrasse and gobys mixing it all up like the current weather a bit of everything keeps it all interesting. We even slipped in a trip to the stunning north coast for an evenings fishing great to get out.

Big conger
Big shore caught conger. Unhooked and ready for release.

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