Naas and District Anglers Winter league round 4 took place in Carlow on February 12th. Eddie Long reports..

The Barrow
The Barrow

The match was fished on two different venues, Carlow town stretch by the graveyard and on the Bagnelstown canal. The weather was supposed to be absolutely Baltic so everyone was suitably suited and booted but it turned out not to be too bad in the end. There was a little bit of a breeze but no rain and the day although not warm, it definitely wasn’t Baltic!

The Barrow is a good bet for early season river fishing
The Barrow is a good bet for early season river fishing

I drew peg 3 towards the lock on Bagnelstown and I knew from previous match results that this end of the canal always fished much harder than opposite end. Must be down to folk feeding the swans and ducks up there, possibly slightly deeper too.
Anyway, I had decided not to fish the pole as it’s a hassle shipping parallel with the bank because of the road behind and I had also forgotten my 6 meter whip so I decided to fish the stick float only and give it a good bash! The water was flowing quite fast and on the all in I balled in four heavy balls of groundbait laced with caster and dead pinkies. For the first hour every trot of the float went without a bite but then I hooked into something decent. At first I thought I’d hooked a pike but then I realised it was a fresh looking but small salmon. Bloody thing gave me the run around for nearly ten minutes but eventually I got it in to the net. The Acolyte ultra did it’s job but more surprisingly the 2.6lb Drennan float fish paired with a size 16 Kamasan B611 .128mm diameter line also somehow managed to bring the salmon in safely.

Apart from thee odd salmon(!) there are good numbers of coarse fish
Apart from thee odd salmon(!) there are good numbers of coarse fish

I kept trotting the float though the swim all day and am sure I covered almost every inch of my swim and never got another bite. Padraig was further up on peg 2 and he never had a bite. Ollie Doyle was on peg one and he tried everything, pole to 16m, feeder and trotting rod and the best he could must was a single brown trout. Alas at the all out neither myself, Padraig or Ollie weighed in but at least some of us didn’t blank, sorry Padraig .  The pegs from 4 – 10 all had fish and as usual weights got better toward the end of the stretch.

By all accounts the fishing on the Carlow town stretch was also very tough apart from the first two pegs with most struggling to catch. Still I’m sure everyone was happy enough to be out on the bank doing what we do, fishing!!!



  • 1st Gravidas Karalius with 4.420kg
  • 2nd Donatas Zemaitis with 3.500kg

Carlow Town

  • 1st Aussie Conway with 9.200kg
  • 2nd Paul McLoughlin with 6.225kg

Weather-wise we were very lucky as it didn’t rain all day until we were packed up and driving home but by Jaysus was it bad then! Torrential rain and sleet all the way back to Naas where by all accounts it had rained all day long so we really had gotten off lightly during the match. Anyway that’s it! Till next time. See you all for round 5.

Tight lines

Eddie Long.

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