Gary Chandler reports on Sunday’s match fished on the Shannon…

Brian Bohan fished the pole all day at 10 meters for 22 lb of small roach. He had a busy day landing over 300 roach and taking the win.

Nice day’s fishing today plenty of small fish to go at everyone caught a few some more than others but that’s fishing for you. Still here are the results for today’s match on the Shannon.

  • Brian Bohan. 22.04lb
  • Mary Tigwell. 19.13lb
  • Robert Howgate. 19.13lb
  • Gary Chandler. 14.11lb
  • Pat Tigwell. 14.11lb
  • Alan Foster. 11.07lb
  • Ray Carpenter. 9.01lb

It was strange that there was a joint second and a joint third today not seen very often no doubt. Plenty of small roach around but the better stamp of fish are just not showing in any numbers at the moment but at least you keep busy for most of the day and most of the time we had blue sky’s which is rarely seen another bonus.

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