John chambers of IFPAC reports that 57 anglers attended the 3rd qualifier of the 2017/18 GO HIRE National Pike Championships on the River Suck.

Dodger Symth
Dodger Symth

On the day top rod went to Dodger (Ken) Smyth who also caught the best 2 pike at 17lb 05oz and 11lb 13oz.

The top 5 were

  • 1st Dodger Smyth ( Valley Pike A.C.) 4 pike 36lb 09oz
  • 2nd Frank Leonard ( Dee & Glyde A.C.) 9 pike 34lb 05oz
  • 3rd Raymond Leonard (Keady & Dist A.C.) 7 pike 28lb 11oz
  • 4th Jimmy Thompson ( Leinster Pike A.C.)7 pike 27lb 03oz
  • 5th Derek Mohan (Duleek & Dist A.C.)10 pike 26lb 11oz


  • 1st Dodger Smyth 17-05
  • 2nd Frank Leonard 9-14
  • 3rd Ronan Murray 9-07