Osgur Grieve has the angling report for the Erriff 28th June – 4th July…

Joe Thompson wild grilse 4.5lbs picture before being released
Joe Thompson wild grilse 4.5lbs picture before being released

The past week produced 27 grilse for the fishery. John Phelan had a good evening on the 28th releasing 2 grilse of 3lbs. and 6.5lbs. from the falls on a Cascade. Jake Delaney kicked off the morning of the 29th nicely with a beautiful fresh run wild grilse of 6.5lbs, on a cascade from the middle garden which he released. Later that morning he caught a ranched grilse of 4lbs. in the upper garden on a Cascade. Then it was Kevin Clayton’s turn catching a 4lbs. ranched grilse in the middle garden and a 3.5lbs. ranched grilse from the square pool, both released. Benjamin Weltz also fished and had 2 grilse weighing 3lbs. and 4.2lbs. respectively from the middle garden and falls pool on a Cascade.

Friday 30th saw Joe Thompson fish with us for the morning and he was rewarded with 2 wild grilse of 3.75lbs. and 4.5lbs. these fish came from the falls pool and were caught on a Cascade and a Willie gunn tube, both fish were returned. This brought us to the end of what was a productive month of June with good numbers of grilse showing up earlier than usual.

Regular visitor Neil Spellacy fished with us on Saturday July 1st and had a ranched grilse of 4.4lbs. from the lower garden pool on a Cascade. Peter Coyle (Northern Ireland) released a nice fresh grilse of 3.5lbs from the upper garden on a stoat’s tail. Local club man Peter Coyne fished on Sunday 2nd and released a 4lbs. wild grilse from the lower garden pool.

Tuesday 4th brought a good flood peaking 1.6m in the morning and with it a good run of grilse, our anglers had 12 grilse ranging in weights from 2.5lbs. to 6.5lbs.. 5 of these were caught by regular visitor John Phelan. Well done to all our anglers and with more grilse showing the prospects look good for the week ahead.

Go fishing…

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