Jason Nash from the Bandon Angling Association reports on the river’s first salmon of the season which was caught last week…
March 8: The Bandon is now running high and clear after all the recent heavy rain. A fresh spring salmon was seen running earlier on in the week off the tide which is a very positive sign.
News of the first spring salmon of 2017 landed on the Bandon has been confirmed this evening. Robert O’Flynn Jnr. caught the fish on Wednesday, March 8th, weighing 9lbs on a black Flying C.

Robert O'Flynn Jnr. caught the Bandon's first salmon of the year
Robert O’Flynn Jnr. caught the Bandon’s first salmon of the year on a spinner

We have located the owner of the recently lost net, however today I found a spinning rod so if you’ve left yours down by the river please get in touch.

Water Level: 0.6m
Water Temp: 10 degrees Celsius.
Eileen Carroll reports that the river is at an excellent height for fishing at the moment and prospects are good for the week ahead.

Go Fishing…

For the new year, Bandon Angling Association have set up a new website which you can view here. A new guiding service has been launched in conjunction with Jason Nash, Peter Aspinwall and Phil Dewey. Details of the guiding service are provided on the website and they are looking forward to making memories and enhancing people’s fishing experiences on the river Bandon.
Web: https://bandonangling.com/