Vincent Appleby reports from Lough Currane…

13/7/17 All quiet on the SW front in all departments. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 19.5c. Wind WNW light to fresh with good cloud cover.

14/7/17 My Noble anglers failed N. E. S. and W in all departments, be it the magnificent fly manipulators or the magnificent lure artists, all I can say is these magnificent anglers skills have a lot to be desired in all departments. I can just see the Lough Currane Specimen Sea Trout and the wild Atlantic Salmon looking up to the skies as they meet at the Ledge Bar and saying it’s all the ones that got away today and they call themselves anglers! As I finish today’s manipulations I have to eat humble pie because I have just received news of a Salmon caught on the fly this evening by UK  angler Mr. Mike Fish. Mike also caught a few Nice C&R Tout and as the Parson said to the Vicar, that’s one. Wind SW fresh with good cloud cover. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 0.2mm. Maximum air temperature 16.8c.

15/7/17 All the Salmon fly headlines come from the North side and Vincent’s harbour, Northern Ireland angler, Mr. Gavin Wishart, caught 2 Salmon Grilse, their weights  ranging from 4 lbs. up to 6lbs and sportingly returned 1, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy and at  In the Sea Trout fly department, UK angler Mr. Mike Fish caught and released a fine 2 lbs. Sea Trout. And for the rest of the angling community their lines were slack, their reels were redundant and at the end of their day they couldn’t  let their fingers do the talking. Wind WSW light to fresh at times and overcast. Yesterdays weather amount of rainfall 6.2mm. Maximum air temperature 16.9c.

16/7/17 Lough Currane anglers today spent more time putting suntan lotion on their faces than changing their fly lines from floating to intermediate or visa versa and the same could be said in their fly selection and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know why my Noble anglers had a good excuse for not performing up to their usual standard but at least one angler did feel his fly line taut and hear his fly reel sing and that was UK angler, Mr. Keith Francis, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea of caught and released a fine Sea Trout. Now for some breaking news to all you anglers who like a liquid libation after your day’s manipulations on the Waterville Fishery, there is good news for you, because Curran’s  Supermarket have just opened their new off license in the past few days so come on down and weigh your specimen Sea Trout and have a can, as you can see by the photo these three sad anglers discussing the pros and cons of their days manipulations and the only thing they could agree on was they were well contented with their time in the off license but the same couldn’t be said for their fishing, cheers! Wind N light with brigt sunshine all day. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 2.0mm. Maximum air temperature 18.4c.

Very sunny weather on the Wild Atlantic Way - Waterville / Lough Currane
Very sunny weather on the Wild Atlantic Way – Waterville / Lough Currane

17/7/17 Blazing sunshine was the order of the day and most of my Noble anglers caught a suntan at no extra charge except for suntan lotion. In  the C&R fly  Department, Mr. merigh Persons and Mr. Graham Elswood caught  three fine Trout, while fishing with their gillie Mr Neil O’Shea of   Wind light to fresh and variable at times S SSW and went NW this evening. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 0.4mm. Maximum air temperature 17.8c

18/7/17  Far from ideal but  Monaghan angler caught two Trout on the drift , while fly fishing with his Gillie Mr Neil O’Shea of Wind light SE and very sunny and very warm and humid. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 18.7c.

That is your ration from the last week on Lough Currane, from your Gillie and the Waterville Fishery, no spin no fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby

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