Eileen Carroll from the Macroom office reports that for the week ending 14 May the Bandon was at the lowest it has been for a long time and the fishing has suffered as a result with no salmon reported.   Fishing is not possible from Bandon to Innishannon as a result of the dredging being carried out as part of the flood relief scheme.

Jason Nash reports that after the heavy rain the upper catchment saw a 3 foot rise in water levels which should ensure good fishing conditions for the rest of the week at least!

Go Fishing…

For the new year, Bandon Angling Association have set up a new website which you can view here. A new guiding service has been launched in conjunction with Jason Nash, Peter Aspinwall and Phil Dewey. Details of the guiding service are provided on the website and they are looking forward to making memories and enhancing people’s fishing experiences on the river Bandon.
Web: https://bandonangling.com/