Billy Downes reports from the River Laune in Kerry which open last week…

As of Wednesday 25th of January the Laune is at 1.3m, this is low for January.  The season is now open for nine days but no sign of a fresh fish so far.  Same is true for the rest of Ireland.  But lots of spents being met on all methods including the fly.  Kevin Walker on his second trip to the Laune as a member of the Association landed and safely returned a lovely 2016 fish on Beat 3. Danny Joy has met a good few fish spinning and on the fly but no fresh fish so far.  While the water level is at 1.3m there is no serious chance of a fresh fish There have been a good few sea trout caught also which is unusual. 

fish on
Fish on… but what will it bee. Unfortunately after the excitement another kelt to be safely released

We live in hope for better fishing in 2017.  Visiting anglers will be welcomed by our members provided they have the required permit otherwise you will be trespassing on a several fishery and this will not be tolerated.  Display your permit on your car and have the other portion in your possession and show it to water keepers and members when asked to do so.


Billy Downes,  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

Go fishing…

Day permits are the same as last year €25 to the end of July and €35 for the months of August and September. Be sure to display your permit on the dash of your car with the date and permit number visible and have the other part with you because you will be asked by members to identify yourself as a legitimate ‘One Day Member’ / Permit Holder.

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