Terry Gallagher reports that salmon and sea trout continue to enter the Costello and Fermoyle system in good numbers which meant the lakes have started to produce some respectable catches as well as the river…

Three generations of the Collins’ family, Donie, Denis & Tadhg, returned for their annual visit and fished for 3 and a half days. Their final tally was an impressive 48 sea trout & 2 salmon, including a productive half day on Fermoyle Lough where they caught 13 sea trout.

Neil Spellacy returned to the river and landed 2 salmon. A 6lbs bar of silver at the Rack Pool on River Beat 4 and a second fresh fish of 4lbs 8ozs from the Cabbage Pool on River Beat 1.

Regular visitor, Rene Lachemaer fished his preferred river beats, 2 & 3, and was delighted to have caught salmon of 6lbs & 4lbs as well as 3 sea trout of 1lb each as well as another of 1lb 8ozs. Interestingly, both the salmon fell to the Claret Bumble as did the sea trout.

Finally, Sean Kelly & Geoffrey Fitzjohn also fished the middle river and recorded fresh salmon of 5lbs & 4lbs respectively.

Go fishing…

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