Brian McCall gives a report of the Irish Kayak Angling Club’s recent meet in Kerry:

Kayak anglers

Irish Kayak Angling held its 4th meet of the year in Kerry on the August weekend which saw 18 kayakers take part. There was a good swell on the sea and a stiff NW breeze making things awkward. There was plenty of good Pollack to be had on the drift over rough ground. Mackerel were about but not in great numbers. There was a good number of species recorded and the competition on the day being won with 11 species to an individual, Dave. There were some very large bullhuss caught along with cuckoo wrasse, ling, blenny, cod, conger, dogfish, dragonet, mackerel, octopus, Pollack, poor cod, pouting, thornback ray, sand eel, scad, sea scorpion, whiting, ballan wrasse and corkwing wrasse.

The next leg of our competition will be held at Red Strand Co Cork on Saturday September 9th. All the details to be found on

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To find out more about Kayak Angling visit and register on the forum.  Membership is free and the forum is a great resource to learn about safety, venues and techniques.  Experienced members will answer any questions you have and everyone is welcome to come to a meet to learn more before taking the plunge.

Articles on beginning kayak angling are available at and much of the advice on small boat angling is also transferrable to a kayak.

You can also follow the Irish Kayak Angling Club on Twitter @irishkayak and on Facebook at for details of the 6 FREE meets that make up the All Ireland Kayak Angling Championship 2017.