Stefan Martin from Killybegs Mariners SAC reports from Donegal Bay’s shores…


01 June: Some lovely fish for the lads species hunting on Donegal Bay this great deep rock mark holds all forms of life and years of working it all out and knowing what is on the sand and what is on the kelp beds enable how to wangle the species out.

Ling and thornback rays from the same mark and tompot blenny and common blenny and dragonet and goldsinny wrasse and pollack and pouting and poor cods and cuckoo wrasse and long spined sea scorpions and conger eels such a variety of shapes and sizes and colours, a delicate ecosystem for us all to enjoy, catch photo and release and hopefully the generations after us get the same pleasure from it all.

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03 June: A lovely surf was rolling from the south west winds at our summer league outing last night and coming over the hill and catching a first glimpse of the beach we saw the gannets diving out the back of the surf, plenty of bait fish about seeking solace.

Straight away lovely turbots of 29cm and 28cm and 27cm were caught and released across the beach and some fine flounders and dabs but the real action was the two lads at the end pegs hauling in some lovely fish flounders of 39cm and 38cm and 37cm both getting treble hauls and doubles and it was close at the end a big score of 503pts 16 flounders and turbot great angling well done Gerry McBrearty. 2nd place points go to Brian Smith and the winning longest fish prize was a fine pollack of 41cm for Christopher Noctor. 10 anglers fished. Well done to all.

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