Ronan Cusack reports Lough Mask has been noticeably quiet this week as many anglers have returned home after their annual mayfly fishing adventure.

Weather conditions have been very unseasonal with strong winds and torrential rain almost every day, which has resulted in a significant increase in water levels around Mask.


The Garda Angling club held the O’Connor/Prendergast Cup on Mask on Friday last which was supported by 29 members weighing in 15 fish. First place went to Diarmuid O’Donovan with 2 fish for 2lbs 11.8oz. In second place was Michael McGauran also with 2 fish for 2lbs 11.6oz and in third position was Gerry Feeney with 2 fish for 2lbs 4oz. One of the organisers of the competition Phil O’Donoghue remarked that conditions on the day were bright yet fish were reported from most areas of the lake.


Hall’s Angling Centre ( ) had a busy week with some good reports. Three generations of the Doheny family from Dublin enjoyed some good sport around the Caher-Inishowen end of the lake this week. Grandfather Paddy, son Patrick and grandson Dara had 15 trout exceeding the limit on wet-flies for their trip. Also staying at Hall’s for 3 days this week was Des Fitzgerald from Cork. Des had 9 trout over the 3 days plus several undersize. Brian Hall guided for 2 UK anglers on Fri/Sat/Sun last and they had 20 trout over the limit on wet-flies, plus numerous undersize (best fish 3lbs).


Local guide Declan Gibbons guided for a German couple on Sunday last and they had some lively fishing on the dap around the southern end of the lake. Gerry Kenny & Maurice Willis had 6 fish for the day on Friday last (best fish 2.25lbs).


Larry McCarthy of Corrib View Lodge guided for Vaughan Ruckley and Neil Toft from Edinburgh on Mask on Tuesday last and they had 5 trout over the limit plus several undersize on a combination of wets and dries (best fish 1.75lbs, all returned). Larry fished again on Thursday with Vaughn and they had a further 2 again on wets & dries (best fish 2lbs, all returned).

Maren Scheyhing from Stuttgart, Germany with a nice Lough Mask trout
Maren Scheyhing from Stuttgart, Germany with a nice Lough Mask trout