Brendan Jervis of Newbridge and District Pike Anglers reports on the Winder Cup where some good pike fishing was had at the weekend…
We had 24 members fish a rising river for the Winder Cup. Fishing was slow with all the strong winds and serious rain but we still managed to catch 39 pike on the day including 9 doubles to 19.04lb. There were also a good few fish in the 9lb mark also a big well done to Steo Sheridan on not only winning his 1st competition with the club but also on breaking his PB twice in the 1 day with 2 nice doubles; 1st one was 16.00lb and the 2nd his new PB of 19.04lb. This lovely brace of pike wins Steo Catch of the Week.

Steo Sheridan, winner of Winder Cup
Steo Sheridan had 2 pike, the two bigger fish were 16lb and…

Steo Sheridan
then a better one of 19.04lb

Steo Sheridan, winner of Winder Cup
Steo Sheridan, winner of Winder Cup

I would like to thank all the members who made the trip full results are as follows.

Winner of Winder Cup 2017

  • 1st Steo Sheridan 19.04 hf 44.14 bag 4 fish
  • 2nd Paul Sheridan 9.07 hf 34.12 bag 5 fish
  • 3rd Brendan Jervis 10.15 hf 30.01 bag 4 fish
3× 20€ southside angling vouchers winners are

  • Jimmoy Conway
  • Daniel Marum
  • Paul sheridan

Guess the weight was won by 2 members so money was split between the 2 winners

  • Sean Delaney
  • Paul sheridan

Don’t forget the Murphy Cup is next and we’re hoping to have the juniors out with us weather permitting so please bring them.
Many thanks,
Brendan Jervis
Newbridge and District Pike Anglers