[Not published – issue with survival suit / PFD]

Mateusz Maj who hopes to start a guiding business wins our catch of the week for his fine trout caught and released on lough Derg.

Mateusz provided us with this report:

I live in this beautiful country since 2004. It was always my big dream to be a fishing guide and I’m really glad that I can try to run my business here. Ireland is one of the best countries in Europe to catch big pike, trout and perch which I focus on.

I would like to report my fishing trip from 16th of July. It was great fishing day in County Tipperary. The water temperature had dropped slightly in recent days, which has an impact on the activity of trout. The best method turned out to be trolling. I caught a big trout (ferox) and a second big trout got away unfortunately. I also caught few nice pike. All the fish were released #cprsavesfish

Mateusz Maj with a big Derg trout – caught and released #cprsavesfish


I fishing usually on Lough Derg, Blessington Lake and Lough Ennel. Contact me :

Facebook : Pike-Maniac/fishing guide

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