Waterford & District Coarse Angling Club report on their master angler competition fished at Ballyshunnock…

15 July: Today was an early start as we fished the next leg of our master angler in Ballyshunnock . So with bleary eyes and ground bait mixed the all in sounded at 7.20. From the start the rudd obliged, coming to maggot and sweetcorn baits. The main methods were whip, pole, waggler and feeder.

31lb net of fish
Donatas Petreikis came 2nd with 31lb

After the first hour it was clear the featured first four pegs were producing lots of fish. And the latter pegs were less consistent.

In the end there was a a clear winner Attila with a impressive 38lB of rudd and small hybrids taken on 5m whip to hand. Second was Donatas with 31lb of rudd, hybrids and one Tench. Donatas had to change to the feeder to keep in touch with the fish at mid match. Third was Mariuz with just over 20lb. There were good backup weights of 17lb, 16lb, 14lb. And to top off the day we got a in unseasonal soaking from the Irish weather.

wet weather
A rare sight in Ireland these days – an umbrella

Go fishing…

Waterford & District Coarse Angling Club

The club’s home water is at Ballyshunnock Reservoir, Co .Waterford. The reservoir is managed as a mixed fishery by Waterford & District Coarse Angling Club. It is regularly stocked with brown and rainbow trout of 1lb plus as well as a healthy native population of browns. It also contains rudd, bream, tench and rudd/bream hybrids.  Permits are available from Centra in Kilmeaden, Waterford Angling and Outdoor Centre (John O’Brien), Waterford, Titelines in Cappoquin, The Tourist Offices in Dungarvan and Newtown Stores, Newtown. Membership of Waterford and District Coarse Angling Club also entitles to coarse fish the lake. Details available from 086 163 2462.

Waterford & District Coarse Angling Club is an affiliated club of the National Coarse fishing Federation of Ireland www.ncffi.ie. You can follow them at Waterford & District Coarse Angling Club