Winners Arva Festival 2018
Winners Arva Festival 2018

The Arva International Coarse Angling Festival took place last week with 61 anglers taking part. Sections fished included A – Hollybank, B – Gulladoo, C – Corfree, D – Kevins, E – Killykeen.  Match HQ was the Breffni Arva which was central to all venues. Excellent weights were recorded during the week with some daily weights in excess of 20kg.

The following is a list of the winners:-

  1. Phil Bardell 73.400kg
  2. Neil Parkinson 69.775kg
  3. Kevin Rowles 63.000kg
  4. Simon Godfry 59.800kg
  5. Kevin Johnson 56.920kg
  6. Ian Bowman 56.800kg

Gowna Festiva

The Annual Gowna Festival took place during last week in August. Again excellent weights were recorded with the winning total coming in at 100.780kg R Dunne. In second place T Kersley 63.450kg and third place J Ibbotson 63.320kg. Day one saw R Dunne bagged a massive 42.150kg of fish so it was a matter of trying to catch up all week for all other anglers.