Cavan CAC report on a knock-up fished on Sunday on Lough Eonish…

23 September: Cavan Coarse Angling Clubheld a knockup match on Eonish today, and the 12 anglers who fished weren’t disappointed. There was plenty of fish showing. Most were roach up to 10 oz with the odd hybrid. There were also lots of pike enjoying themselves attacking the roach as the anglers brought them in, but it did not slow the fishing down too badly. Best method was the short whip 5 or 6 meters.

Top weight on the day was

  • 1st Richard Pratt with 18.725kg
  • 2nd John McVey , 17.400kg
  • 3rd Francis McGoldrick 13.600kg
  • 4th Nigel Holdsworth , 9.500kg Section winner
  • Joint 5th, Chris Allen and Stuart Lear with 9.400kg, Chris did miss two fish left in his net. Joint section winners.
  • 7th Dessie Kellegher, 8.000kg
  • 8th John Pollock 5.750kg
  • 9th Roddy Parker 2.250kg
  • 10th Chris Ward 5.200kg
  • 11th Les Hewitt, 4.900kg
  • 12th Paul Aiken 4.700kgDerek Gibbons
    Cavan Coarse Angling Club

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