Donegal Bay
Donegal Bay…

We had rain on Sunday. Not enough to improve things everywhere but the duller conditions allowed a number of venues to cool without becoming so windy as to spoil the fishing for sea anglers. In fact the bit of wind was probably just right…

The Irish Bass Festival was an unqualified success this year. There was some incredible fishing reported. One visiting pair had 87 fish over the weekend, while a local pair had 55 bass in a short 2 hour morning session! This is remarkable fishing which was probably made possible by a perfect coincidence of sea conditions and weather. That probably underplays the huge contribution to the weekend by the organisers so this week Catch of the Week goes to an event for a change – The Irish Bass Festival.

One of the hundreds of bass caught and released in the Irish Bass Festival. The festival wins Catch of the Week!

In other sea angling news charter boats in West Cork continue to reports some great catches of a wide variety of species and there was a bit of bass fishing reported too. Charter boats off Clare’s coast also enjoyed a good mix of species and busy days on the water, the only thing they did not see were sharks, but they can’t be far off. Finally there was some great shore fishing reported by the Killybegs Mariners up on Donegal Bay.

Caoimhe Carroll with her first bream from the Grand Canal at Tullamore. Float fishing with maggot on a bed of groundbait
Caoimhe Carroll with her first bream from the Grand Canal at Tullamore.

The cloudier, cooler conditions culminating in rain on Sunday were enough to turn the fortunes of many freshwater anglers. Coarse angling saw some great catches at all ends of the country from Waterford to Longford and Laois to Leitrim.

Unfortunately not many salmon anglers benefited from the change. The Moy anglers probably did best, but there was also some good fishing at Owenmore in Kerry. Elsewhere the fishing did not pick up as much.

Liam Butler
Liam Butler with a big trout caught on the troll from Corrib

It was a similar story for trout anglers. There was a bit of an improvement but it was not universal. Some decent fishing was had by some on Corrib and Sheelin, but in general it was still slow enough.

And now the weather…

Tomorrow will start a little damp. Outbreaks of rain and drizzle will gradually clear eastwards. Winds will be moderate Westerly and top temperatures will be between 16-22C.  A mostly dry day on Saturday but becoming very warm and humid on Sunday and Monday followed by fresher conditions with scattered showers on Tuesday and Wednesday. A bit of relief for salmon anglers?

Safe fishing to all and tight lines, especially here in Ireland.

Myles Kelly
Catch, Photo, Release

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