Fishing Futures project in Wicklow allows young people to fish in a safe environment

Project receives support from the National Strategy of Angling Development

Fishing Futures, a project targeting local community groups in Wicklow, has been awarded funding from Inland Fisheries Ireland  to help support its work. The project, which is organised by the Wicklow Travellers Group, allows young people to experience fishing in a safe and supervised environment. The project received support to the tune of €1,630 through the National Strategy for Angling Development.

Participants in the project will learn about water safety, bait collection and preservation, healthy lifestyle as well as practical angling skills. The project ultimately aims to provide novice anglers with the necessary skills to engage in mainstream angling with local clubs.

Since the inception of the project over 11 years ago, the project has engaged with many groups from the community. Some of the volunteer anglers who support the project today took part in the initiative themselves over a decade ago.

Ian Daly, Jim O’Brien and Peter O’Reilly from Wicklow Travellers Group

Suzanne Campion, Head of Business Development at Inland Fisheries Ireland said: “Fishing Futures is a fantastic project which helps young people access their local fisheries resource in a supportive environment. We are delighted to award funding as part of our National Strategy for Angling Development to many projects, such as this one in Wicklow, which will help increase participation in angling and secure the future of our precious and valuable natural resource as a result.”

The National Strategy for Angling Development aims to ensure that Ireland’s fish stocks and angling infrastructure are protected and enhanced with a view to ensuring a sustainable habitat and the delivery of the economic, health and recreational benefits which they offer to communities across Ireland. Inland Fisheries Ireland is aiming to grow the angling sector’s socio-economic contribution of €836 million per year by an additional €60 million annually through the strategy. This will be achieved by driving angling participation among domestic and overseas visitors, which in turn is supported by improving access to fishing and developing angling infrastructure.

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