Jenny Casey writes to tell us that the Irish ladies fly fishing team is heading over to wales seeking gold in Wales next week 25th to 28th June to compete in the International Ladies Home Nations Championship at Llyn Clywedog Wales.

Team Captain Ruth Arrell
Team Captain Ruth Arrell

The team will be lead by their Captain Ruth Arrell this is her first time captaining the team at an international. The team also have the experienced international angler Hubert Smith as our coach who will be assisting the ladies on the hunt for the spotted beauties under the waters of Llyn Clywedog. The team Fly Tyer Mark Dermott will have some sleepless nights ahead of him next week tying all the tasty wee flies to entice the palette of the local fish on Llyn Clywedog. Also Fred O’Hagan the team manager will be putting the girls through their paces by making sure they have all their requirements for this years event. The lake itself has a surface area of 615 acres (230 football pitches), is 216 ft deep at its maximum depth and stretches in all a distance of some six miles. At its maximum, it is just 500 yards wide. Apart from the fishing that the whole team is looking forward too also meeting up with old friends from the England, Scotland & Wales. This year is a very special year for one of the Irish ladies and indeed a first for the Ladies international, Julie Gerry will be fishing for Ireland and her twin sister Sally Purkis will be fishing for wales and will be Sallys 1st international cap for Wales. The ladies would also like to thank the Husbands, Partners, and friends who are traveling with us this year this means the world to the team to have the support with us when we travel these are the unsung heros to the team .

teamThe Team are as follows

  • Ruth Arrell
  • Julie Gerry
  • Linda Straghan
  • Liz Dermott
  • Cheryl James
  • Maddy Kelly
  • Pauline McClenaghan
  • Janice Spiers
  • Julie McGeever
  • Michelle Hay
  • Almha McDonnell
  • Jenny Casey

World Fishing Day

The Irish ladies will be traveling on World fishing day the 23rd June, There are an estimated 750 million anglers worldwide, but since it is often a solitary activity, anglers are not well connected with each other and it can be tricky to bring young people or women into the sport. Not only does fishing promote an understanding and appreciation of the natural world, but it offers tangible benefits in terms of physical and mental health. By getting people outside and active, we can promote fishing as a healthy lifestyle choice and get people moving. Many people also find that getting out in nature and going fishing offers a calming respite amid a busy 21st-century lifestyle; not for nothing has fishing been likened to meditation and mindfulness practices. These elements, among others, are why there are so many successful fishing programmes for those in recovery (from cancer, or injury, mental health problems or a host of other issues).

Go fishing…

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