Bill Brazier, Editor of Off the Sclae, was on to let us know the lastest issue is online now…

This one almost didn’t make it due to other fishy commitments but fear not because the latest issue of Ireland’s best angling magazine is now here! On the front cover, we pay homage to the catastrophic carp deaths in Cork recently, notably the infamous Lough in Cork City. Unlike previous Irish publications before us, raising awareness of a serious issue is only time we will EVER feature a dead fish on the cover of our magazine.

Off the Scale  - Issue 22
Off the Scale – Issue 22

On that note, we have the full story of the Carp Edema Virus (CEV) outbreak in Cork in our Lowdown news section as well as an article all about this relatively unknown virus which you need to read!

There is a definite political slant to this issue, with great pieces from Gary Robinson (Owenriff trout declines), Geoff Cooper and an excellent exposé on salmon farming from the guys at Salmon Watch Ireland. On top of this there is the usual mix of great hints, tips, inspiration & advice from the likes of Peter Driver, Denis O Toole, Sidney Kennedy and more.

And, incredibly, all of this is still free! Hundreds and hundreds of hours and much sacrifice go into every single issue of Off the Scale, with every aspect of article layout, graphic design, text font, button style & image use meticulously planned to the nth degree – all of this for very little return but instead for the true love of angling.

To our advertisers and followers, your readership & support make it all worthwhile!

Please enjoy the issue. A like and a share on social media would be much appreciated – spread the word!