Water levels were quite low in the early part of the week but sparodic showers of rain from Thursday night on  resulted in fluctuating levels over the weekend. Angling effort increased on the previous week and 300 salmon were reported caught.

Brian Busby Ridge Pool.
Brian Busby, Ridge Pool.

On the Moy Fishery Ridge Pool Wayne Byrne Offaly had a nice fish of 4 lbs on the fly. Dr Lohmar from Germany also had a 4 lb fish on fly. Damian Rooney, NI, had a small fish on worm and Anthony Chapman, UK, had a small salmon on spinner plus a lovely 2.5 lbs sea trout also on spinner. Brian Busby, NI, had his first salmon on the Ridge Pool. Brian had a small fish on Beat 4, The Point earlier in the week, both on the fly. On Beat 2, The Spring Wells, Pat Kane from Donegal landed 2 small salmon which he released and about 2 dozen sea trout, keeping just 2 of 3 lbs each.

Chieko Blouet Coolcronan Fishery
Chieko Blouet, Coolcronan Fishery

Upstream Chieko Blouet from France had a 5 lb fish on Bubble & fly on the Coolcronan Fishery. On The Foxford Fishery Paulo La Ferla from Italy had 2 nice fish on fly. Further up on East Mayo Anglers water John Connolly, Roscommon, had a 5 and a 7 lb fish on worm. Jacqie Verchene, France, caught a 4 lbs grilse on spinner, Tom Connolly, Kildare, had a 5 lbs fish on worm and Robert Connolly, Dublin had 2 fish of 5 and 6 lbs also on worm.

Paulo La Ferla Foxford Fishery.
Paulo La Ferla, Foxford Fishery.

How’s the river doing? Check the Ridge Pool Webcam

For more about the River Moy and its fisheries, including prices and maps see – https://www.fishinginireland.info/salmon/northwest/river_moy_system.htm