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Kerry Sunset
Kerry Sunset

30/5/18 Again the Lough Currane anglers were scorched as the sun takes control of the fishing   and one can say without any fear of contradiction the only fish to be smoked are the Lough Currane Fishermen and fair play to those anglers that are sticking to their flies and lures. Weather calm this morning and come after noon there was a nice breeze from the West. Yesterdays Weather, Maximum air temperature 21.4c.

31/5/18 All the Salmon headlines come from the Bungalow and at www.flyfishingatloughcurrane.com UK Angler, Mr. Graham Roberts, caught a fine 8lbs. Salmon, while trolling with his gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of www.oshealoughcurrane.com Now to the Sea Trout department, an angler trolling on his own caught a fine Sea Trout in 3lbs. Class give or take and staying with Sea Trout it was reported to me that there are a few Sea Trout showing which is great to hear. Now to the weather, another warm day but not as hot as yesterday, mind you I say that one Gillie was telling me yesterday he went into have lunch on one of the Islands and within 10 minutes the Currane Midges attacked and I can tell you it didn’t take long for the anglers to get the hell out of it. Wind flat calm up until about 2pm then there was light breeze from the West. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 20.1c.

1/6/18 Straight to the Bungalow of  www.flyfishingatloughcurrane.com Dublin fly angler, Mr. Brian Quearney, while fly fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of  www.oshealoughcurrane.com caught a fine 8lbs. Salmon. Now we head over to the South Side and at www.lakelandshouse.com German angler Mr. Michael Rieger, caught a fine 3lbs. Sea Trout while trolling with his Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of www.lakelandsouse.com Wind West with good cloud cover. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 18.7c.

2/6/18 I start in the backdate department, on the world famous Butler Pool and at www.watervillegolflinks.ie In the last few days, UK angler Mr. James Henchey, while fly fishing on the Pool caught a fine Salmon. Now we head up stream to Lough Currane, it was reported to me an angler while trolling on his own also caught a fine Salmon. Now back to the present and we start in the early morning department, local gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of  www.fishingwithdom.com caught a fine Salmon while trolling on his own. Wind calm all day with good cloud cover plus light showers in the late afternoon and very humid. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 0.0. Maximum air temperature 19.2c.

3/6/18  We start again in the back date department, Yesterday local angler Mr. Gerard Cronin caught a fine 6 lbs. Salmon on the troll last night on the evening shift, staying in the backdate department we head down stream to the world famous Butler Pool and of www.watervillegolflinks.ie UK angler Mr. James Henchey, caught two salmon in the last few days and his fishing party  left the best to last as you will read in today’s notes. We start today’s facts on Lough Currane and sadly it was a suntan lotion day as the sun blazed on the Currane anglers as they cast their flies into the  points and ledges but to no avail and on the lure front it was all quiet on the SW front, so on that pessimistic note we head down stream and finish today’s facts on an optimistic note on the world famous Butler Pool and at www.watervillegolflinks.ie and Catch of the day and that goes to UK angler Mr. James Monks and for good reason, he caught a cracker of a 11 lbs. Salmon on the fly and I believe this was James’s first visit to Waterville and I’m sure after that performance it won’t be his last. Wind West light all day. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 16.6c.

Michael stands in for James!

4/6/18 All the Salmon headlines come from the Bungalow on the North Side and at www.flyfishingatloughcurrane.com UK angler Mr. Frank Warburton, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea of  www.flyfishingatloughcurrane.com caught a fine 4lbs. Salmon / Grilse on the troll and considering the bright conditions they did mighty well and for the rest of the Lough Anglers it was all quiet on the NW front like the wind today with bright sunshine all day. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 18.7c.

5/6/18 Lough Currane is mourning this day and for good reason and its with great sadness that I have to tell you that renowned Salmon and Sea Trout Angler, Mr. William Timmermans, RIP, of Waterville and Holland sadly past away yesterday. On Behalf of all the Waterville Fishery and all the good people of Waterville and Glencar and all of Co. Kerry I would like to send our Sincere Sympathies to his good Wife, Mrs. Mariet Timmermans and all their Family and friends. Well William you may be gone and you certainly won’t be forgotten and for good reason, you fished the Waterville Fishery for well over fifty years and I believe William caught his first Salmon on the troll going by the Holly Island and in that fifty years plus of fishing the Waterville Fishery, William caught a good many more and on that note I will say, William RIP.

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