Angling Report – Moy System WE Sunday 5th August 2018.

Heavy rain on Tuesday night and Wednesday resulted in flood conditions on Thursday with anglers from all parts of the country and overseas descending on the Moy. Fish began to run in numbers on Wednesday and continued to the weekend when levels dropped back.  Over 1,000 fish have been reported caught, with over half of them caught on Thursday alone.

Fergus Kelley on the Ridge Pool

Moy Fishery

On the Ridge Pool, organiser of the London Fly Fishing Fair Fergus Kelley (UK) had his first Irish salmon – a fish of 7.5 lbs on fly, Colin Farrell (NI) had two fish 4lbs & 5lbs on fly, Ivan McClatchey (NI) had three fish on fly & one fish on spinner, best 6.5 lbs. Tom Davies (Wales) caught two fish on spinner and a 2.5 lb sea trout, Rudolf Schweissthal (Germany) caught one fish of 5 lbs on fly, Michael Dix (Cork) had three fish on fly, best 5.5 lbs and Kevin Barry (USA) had two fish on spinner.

Colin Farrell & Ivan McClatchey on the Ridge Pool.

Special mention goes to 12 year old Jacob Wylie (UK) who caught his first salmon (4.5 lbs) on the Ridge Pool last week, as well as releasing his second salmon (3.5 lbs) – all the more impressive as he had never fished with the fly previously!

Jacob Wylie (12) releases one of his salmon

On the Weir Pool, Daniel McCarty of Meath had two fish on fly, releasing one, and Martin Davison (NI) had two fish of 4lbs & 4.5lbs on spinner.

On the Cathedral Beat, Paul McGrory (Louth) had a 4.5 lbs fish on fly and Bernard Lawn (NI) had three fish on fly, best 5.25 lbs.

On the Freshwater Beat, Albert Gardner (Clare) caught two fish of 4lbs and 5.25 lbs on worm while Gerard Reidy of Limerick caught a 4lbs fish also on worm.

With fresh fish still coming in, the Moy fishery tidal beats should continue to fish well.


On the Mount Falcon Fishery Humberto Astino’s party of eight rods from Spain landed 29 fish in two days. On the Coolcronan Fishery, Kieran & Barry Henderson (NI) had three fish each, best 7 lbs on worm while on the Foxford Fishery, Raymond Crawford (NI) had a 6lbs fish on worm.

Kieran & Barry Henderson on the Coolcronan Fishery.
Raymond Crawford on the Foxford Fishery.

Fishing Cloongee, Jean-Jacques Daurat (France) caught a fine 8.5 lbs salmon on spinner and Terry Nolan (Offaly) had a 4lbs fish on Bubble & Fly.

On East Mayo Anglers’ waters, Garrett McGuinness (Galway) caught a 7lbs fish on fly, Ferdinand Deutsch (Germany) had two fish of 6lbs and 8lbs on spinner and Philip Cobham (France) had two fish of 4lbs and 5lbs on fly.

Jean-Jacques Daurat on the Cloongee Fishery
Garrett McGuinness fishing East Mayo Anglers waters.

Water has now dropped back to pre flood levels, but with fish spread throughout the system and cooler temperatures, prospects for the week are good.