After a couple of weeks of little or no angling due to the severe weather conditions (low water, high water temperature and bright sunshine), suddenly like a light switch being turned on, some rain came on Thursday 26th  of July. There wasn’t a lot but the sea trout reacted to it and started coming to the flies in numbers.

Thursday saw Jon Ogbourne’s party of five anglers, out on Glenicmurrin, in two boats, having 12 sea trout while on the previous Tuesday, they only managed four sea trout.

Peter Westwater had a great day, fishing alone on Beat 4 on Glenicmurrin and Beat 4 of the Casla River when he had 17 sea trout and lost many more.

Expectations are high that with showers expected, plenty of cloud cover and windy conditions, there should be great sport to be had in the coming days.