Monday 11st  to Sunday 17th June 2018.

The Drowes ran at very low levels all week. On Monday the gauge read 0.32m and the river steadily fell and by the ‘end of play’ on Sunday the gauge read only 0.29m! Despite the bright conditions and low summer levels the river continued to produce salmon. Early mornings and late evenings brought the best chances. Given here are some of the catches taken from the fishery catch register.

Ray Bentham
Ray Bentham

On Monday, Patrick O’Malley recorded a 6lb grilse caught on prawn from the Sea Pools.

On Tuesday, a Spanish visitor reported an 11lb salmon caught on fly from Red Roof.

On Wednesday, Harry Lloyd registered a 3lb grilse caught on fly from the Sea Pools and Ray Bentham accounted for a 13lb salmon caught on fly from the Eel Weir.

Virgilio Alonso
Virgilio Alonso

On Sunday, Virgilio Alonso recorded 2 salmon weighing 6 & 8lb caught. From the 7th to the 14th, a visiting French party reported 4 salmon caught weighing from 2 to 8lb, 3 on fly and 1 on worm from various pools.

At the time of writing, the heavy rain of Tuesday has caused the river to rise to 0.34m but a bigger rise would be very desirable.

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River Drowes

The Drowes Fishery is one of Ireland’s premier spring salmon and grilse fisheries. The river is some 5 miles in length, with over 70 named pools, flowing from Lough Melvin at Lareen Bay and entering the sea at Tullaghan, just outside Bundoran. The Drowes has a wide variety of water suitable for all fishing methods, including several miles of good fly water and deeper slower moving pools suitable for spinning and bait fishing.

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