Osgur Grieve reports from the Erriff for the period August 2nd – 8th:

We have had a good week with a total of 30 salmon landed, of which 20 were wild and released. Some of the catches included Peter Murphy’s catch of 2 wild grilse of 5lbs. and 4.2lbs.

and a ranched grilse of 4.2lbs. from the falls pool all on a Posh tosh on the morning of Thursday 2nd. Eddy Corry released 2 wild grilse from the School house on Beat 3 of 3lbs. and 4.5lbs. on a Red muffin and Neil Spellacy released 2 wild grilse of 5.5lbs. each from the Broken bridge on beat 5 and the Humps and Hollows on beat 6 on a Black shrimp. Tom Harrington also fished with us on the 2nd and released a fine 12.5lbs. wild salmon from the Colonel’s run on Beat 6 using a Red Cascade.

Regular visitor Colin Gibbons released a nice 3lbs. grilse from the Low bank pool on Beat 4 using a Collie dog tube. On Saturday 4th Neil Spellacy was back with us and released a 4lbs. wild grilse from the washing pool on Beat 4 using a Black shrimp. Later that evening Stephen Jones landed 2 ranched grilse of 3.4lbs. and 4.1lbs. from the gauge and lower garden pool on Beat 9 using an Undertaker. Regular angler Brian Noonan had a fine ranched grilse of 5.5lbs. from the Falls on beat 9.

Wednesday 8th saw the return of Ian Ferris and John Closworthy, they fished the afternoon and evening and released 3 good summer salmon between them. These fish were 12lbs. 10lbs. and 7.5lbs. and were caught on a black and silver tube and orange shrimp fly. There have also been good numbers of sea-trout caught and released by our anglers which is great to see.

With the grilse well spread out now through the system and some good summer salmon appearing the prospects look good for the week ahead.

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