Ridge Pool 15
Ridge Pool, 15 July

Despite the hot weather and very low water levels fishing has being quite good over the past week, with 276 salmon reported caught. 100 of these were caught on the Moy Fishery tidal beats in Ballina, with the remainder spread out across the system. Heavy showers of rain and some good cloud cover, while having no impact on water levels has helped to lower water temperatures improving angling conditions. Anglers have adapted well to the conditions with early morning and late evening being the most productive time, with Fly and Bubble and fly the most successful method.

Stephen Trigg
Stephen Trigg

On the Moy Fishery some of the successful anglers were:

Ridge Pool
  • Roland Capouillez, Belgium, who had 2 salmon of  4 and 5 lbs on fly
  • Paul Roe, UK, had a 7 lbs salmon on fly
  • Crionna Creagh, Dublin, 5 +6 lbs on fly
  • Stephen Trigg, UK, 2.75 + 4.75 lbs his first salmon on fly
  • Father and son John and Jonathan O’Neill, Kildare, 5.5 + 10.5 lbs on fly
Weir Pool
  • Trevor Simpson UK. 4.75 lbs on fly
  • David Carney UK. 5.75 lbs on fly
  • William Millar NI. 4 lbs on fly
Cathedral Beat
  • David Tucker, UK, 3.75 lbs on fly
  • Alan White, NI, 4+5 lbs on fly
  • Peter Heigl, Germany, 10 lbs on fly
  • Tristan Bayard France 4 lbs on Bubble and Fly – Spring Wells
  • Uwe Steffen Germany 4 salmon Bubble and Fly – Ash Tree
  • Jez Leech 2 salmon Bubble and Fly – The Point.
Cathedral Beat
Cathedral Beat, 15 July

Upstream David Campbell, UK, had a 5 lbs grilse on Bubble and Fly from the Coolcronan Fishery. Vincent Proirer, France, had a 5 lbs fish on fly from the East Mayo Anglers  water and Pascal Nicolas, France, had a 4 lbs grilse on fly also from East Mayo Anglers .

How’s the river doing? Check the Ridge Pool Webcam

For more about the River Moy and its fisheries, including prices and maps see – https://www.fishinginireland.info/salmon/northwest/river_moy_system.htm