Osgur Grieve reports on fishing from the Erriff Fishery:

27th June – 4th July.

Erriff river 4th July 2018 0.46m
Erriff river 4th July 2018 0.46m

Despite the low water conditions we had 13 salmon landed for the week. Anglers who adapted to the conditions were rewarded with some fine fish. Fishing was most productive first thing in the morning or late in the evening when the water had cooled down a bit. Interestingly the use of different fly patterns to the usual ”Cascade” was more effective and because of the low water anglers could fish the pools from different positions which they did to good effect. Successful anglers this week were Benny Weltz who landed 3 salmon of  8lbs., 7.4lbs., 8lbs on a Black nymph, Cascade, Itchen nymph, 3 of which were wild and released. Martin Nolde had a 10.75lbs. wild salmon on a Silver Stoat’s tail from the falls and Jan Meents had his first salmon ever, which he caught on an Itchen nymph from the falls. By Sunday 1st of July the river had dropped to 0.5m, this did not deter visiting father and sons Herve, Oscar and Gustaf Chadenat. Herve was rewarded with a 13lbs. wild salmon from the falls on a small blue tube and Oscar had a 5lbs. wild grilse from the falls both were released, unfortunately Gustaf lost a good salmon after a short battle in the falls. Regular visitor John Phelan had a great evening on Monday 2nd releasing 5 salmon from the falls on a Thunder and lightning ranging in weight from 3lbs. to 7lbs.

The river is now at 0.46m and fishing has been restricted for the moment but when the rain does arrive I expect the river to be well worth fishing.

For fishing bookings please call the fishery office on (095) 42382 or email [email protected]